Ockenden's Partners

Ockenden's capacity building and rural development projects would not be possible without our partners.  Funding partners enable us to initiate and fulfill specific projects, while technical support partners help with specialist work.  Beneficiaries are also key partners, often hosting pilot projects which can be implemented more widely.

Below is a list of our partners and their links

Donors over the last 5 years

Action Aid Cambodia                                                      http://www.actionaid.org/cambodia

CforC Foundation/Malachite Foundation                        http://www.malachitegroup.co/foundation/

Crystal Martin (Cambodia) and British Embassy            http://www.uk.crystal-martin.com/

DANIDA/DFID (through the Asia Foundation)                http://um.dk/en/danida-en/


ECHO  (Through Action Aid Cambodia)                         http://ec.europa.eu/echo/index_en

Heifer International Cambodia                                     http://www.heifercambodia.org/

Kadoorie Charitable Foundation                      

La Caixa (Through ETEA Foundation)                          http://etea.edu.pk/   https://lacaixa.es/

 Operation Groundswell                                              http://operationgroundswell.com/

Permaculture International                                         https://permacultureglobal.org/

Plan International Cambodia                                      https://plan-international.org/cambodia

UNDP GEF Small Grant Programme                             https://sgp.undp.org/

Technical Support Partners

The Halo Trust                                                           http://www.halotrust.org/

Agronomies et Veterinaires Sans Frontieres             http://www.avsf.org/


Global Ecovillage Network                                              http://genoa.ecovillage.org/

Cooperation Committee for Cambodia                           http://www.ccc-cambodia.org/

Working Group for Partnership in Decentralization        http://www.wgpd.net/

Local NGO partners

Puthi Komar Organisation                                               http://pkocambodia.org/

Lom Orng Organisation                                                  http://www.lomorng.org/

Disadvantaged Cambodian Organisation

Community Based Organisations/Farmers Cooperatives partners

Kon Kleng Community Based Organisation (KKCBO)

Takong Community Based Organisation (TKCBO)

Banteay Ampil Community Based Organisation (BTACBO)

Community Development Border Based Organisation (CDBCBO)

Cherng Krous Water Users Assication (CKWUA)

 Kong Va Community  Based Organisation (KVCBO)

Union Community For Development Base Organisation (UCFDCBO)

 Nimith Community Base Organisation (FCDCBO)

Prey Trolach Community  Base Organisation (PTCBO)

Samrong Community Based Organisation (SRCBO)

Kok Krolor Community  Base Organisation (KKLCBO)

Trapaing Prasat Community Based Organisation (TPCBO)