Ockenden Cambodia
Vision and Mission Statement


In solidarity with partner institutions and host communities, Ockenden Cambodia aims to empower and improve the quality of life of poor and vulnerable Cambodian people. 


Ockenden Cambodia envisions that all poor and vulnerable people of Cambodia are socially integrated and self sufficient and live in peace and prosperity. 


  • To improve the livelihood and food security of its target groups. 
  • To empower target groups thereby enabling them to effectively and meaningfully participate in decision-making and community development projects affecting their lives. 
  • To facilitate policy initiatives and reforms that benefits the poor. 
  • To be a world class Cambodian non-government organization 


  • To improve self reliance and build on community strengths
  • To design programmes enabling self-sufficiency 
  • To remain a pragmatic organisation seeking solutions based on the context within which Ockenden work 
  • To work in partnership with communities, organisations and institutions at all levels 
  • Wherever possible use beneficiary centred methodology 
  • To base Ockenden’s work on the needs of target groups, existing provision and Ockenden and partners’ capacity to respond to target group needs. 
  • To maintain its full commitment to the highest standards of professional and ethical practice. 
  • Ockenden Cambodia works to build on human resource development. 
  • Ockenden Cambodia seeks to assure the quality of its work through inviting external audit, evaluations, and inspections, under the oversight of its Board of Directors and through consultation with its panel of Technical Advisors in Cambodia and abroad.